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"When I originally saw the post from Kelsey about the first WELL Retreat, there was something inside of me that knew I needed to attend. I struggled at first with some anxiety of attending a getaway with other women I didn't know. I ended up being able to attend with my sister-in-law/bestie which was wonderful. However, after attending, I left with the bestie I brought along with 8 other besties that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Not only was the retreat the perfect combination of structured and fluid, it taught me how to listen to my body/mind/emotions better in making decisions on when to participate and when I needed to take a little time to rest. The support and connection we made through the weekend with those moms who share in the same/similar life situations helped me recognize how much I needed to take time for me. I am still bewildered at how healing the weekend was. I had several experiences through the weekend where the years of trauma, anxiety, depression, and loss of hope, seemed to lessen in ways I didn't even know were possible. I am still astounded at how Kelsey was able to know exactly what I needed when I, myself, didn't even know. This weekend changed my life as a person, a wife, and a mom in ways that words can't fully express. I truly felt as if the WELL Retreat was created just for me. It will be something I will continue to attend as often as possible and I would recommend it to any wife, daughter, sister, or mother who feels like they have gotten lost in the day to day motions and trials we so often try to carry on our own far too long, like I had done."


Oakley Retreat


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