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WELL Retreats

Each WELL Retreat provides the environment, tools, and activities to promote wellbeing across multiple facets. Each activity is carefully planned and executed to allow guests to rest, recenter, and refocus. All retreats are for women and will take place at different locations in Utah.

Mission of WELL Retreats

WELL Retreats is designed to allow women to experience true, rejuvenating rest. From comfortable lodging, to delicious meals, and everything in between, WELL Retreats takes care of everything. All reservations are all-inclusive so our guests can set down the weight of the world and recenter themselves.


We are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization in order to provide this retreat to as many women as possible. Retreats should be accessible to everyone without the worry of cost. If you would like to support WELL Retreats or sponsor a retreat guest, please donate!

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